Monday, January 28, 2013

The "put a bird on it" craze has gone a little too far.

As though January and February aren't depressing enough with the cold, short days,* we also get an influx of black birds (called grackles) in the area. It's like straight of Hitchcock. Usually they're only around for a few weeks, but it's enough to make you consider carrying around an umbrella and bb gun for awhile. Please note below that they're on all the near cars/trucks too, and they make a horrible, frightening cackle noise.

*Okay, confession: It's actually been a lovely January this year with many days (like, almost the entire past week) in the 70's, so I can't really complain... but I choose to anyway. ;) I mean, for one thing, the sun still doens't stick around for long. Also, it means there are still insects around to bite me when I'm sitting on the patio. *shakes fist in the air* Why can't global warming be more fu-uuuuun. Serious question though: Exactly how bad would it throw off nature if we completely killed of mosquitoes? I can hardly think they're thaaaat useful. Of course, that's probably what these people thought too.  

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  1. I've seen those dang birds. They're a noisy bunch! I still feel bad for you. It's 15 here today. Bah!