Monday, September 10, 2012

Color Me Rad - Ft. Worth 2012

Ran the Color Me Rad race this past Saturday in Ft. Worth. Let me tell you, I am not a runner. In fact, unless you count doing some 1 minute sprints on the trail when I'm angry and need to release the fury, the only time I run is when I'm in a mob of people for a 5K. Also, like Michael Scott on The Office, it usually makes me want to vomit (motion sickness, maybe?). However, this was an awesome 5K (for me): there were no clocks or mile markers, so I didn't have that internal self talk of "crud, I still have 2 more miles," or "Why do walkers and people with 15 children insist on starting with the first leg? Slowing. down. my time." Okay, I might have still had that last thought going through my head.
My boyfriend and I then spent the weekend in Fort Worth and had a great time. I actually really love Ft. Worth (but I would never admit that to the locals, of course). It's more laid back, there's still stuff to do (but it's not too big), and, unlike Dallas, the downtown is very much alive and walkable.* Also, they don't have to deal with that "Douchebag Dallas"/shallowness stereotype [it's the truth]. The place is just more genuine (and more "Texas-y" for tourists).
Anyway, for dinner we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Grace. It has my favorite steak tartare, and we also tried foie gras to start (don't leave me vegetarian readers! Although, it might behoove you to stop reading now so you won't hate me.).  I'd heard that foie gras just got banned in California, so of course I had to have it. Not a do over. I'm an adventurous eater, and I'm sure this restaurant did it right,'s not for me. It was served 3 ways: pate,  seared (the salt really made it - this was the winner of the three), and a mousse (oh dear god, help me). Guys....I'm going to say it: it tasted like animal crisco. I think if they used it as a butter and gave us copious amounts of bread, it might have been more appetizing. That said, we finished it anyway like champs. Entrees were one of the most amazing steaks I've ever had and the boy had a bass dish with clams that was also very good.
Tartare = yum!
Foie Gras = Well, I can cross that off the bucket list.

 *Note to other cities who want to maintain a popular downtown and good reputation in the rest of the nation: Don't assassinate a beloved president when he's visiting town. Seriously, there are newer skyscrapers and some revitalization projects, but most of downtown Dallas appears to be stuck in the 60's/70's.