Monday, February 11, 2013


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So, after my travel shenanigans from the past year and a half (Chicago, Barbados, DC, Scotland/England, Napa/San Francisco, New York during Sandy), I decided I kind of wanted to stick around home this year (who am I?). A trip with The Boy, a road trip in New England with my bestie, and that's about it. However, my friend, H, just got a great job in Denver - where my Best Neighbor Ever recently moved as well, so I knew I'd have to make a quick weekend trip at some point. Then, Travelzoo (please tell me you're a member for their Wednesday Top 20 emails! It's awesome, even if just to dream) had a great deal for roundtrip flights (with tax included!!) for $82. Sooold! The only problem was, the last weekend it was available was the weekend of my friend C's birthday. I mean, the other weekends were $120ish, which is still a great deal, but that meant two weekends of stuff;  C lives in Austin and is who I went to Barbados with, and we've been friends for-ev-eeer, so I knew I'd need to drive down and visit her that weekend. Two weekends of having to hit up friends to watch my fierce dog, uuuugh...


She too wanted to go to Denver (and for her birthday!). She'd been hitting me up lately for taking a trip. Granted, Denver is not the Mediterranean or Machu Picchu, is $82. And there might even be snow*!  It's like killing 3 birds with one stone (or 3 pigs with one bird as I say, because I'm, like, really into Angry Birds).

So we're all booked! We have a pub crawl scheduled, and it's restaurant week while we're there (although C is a vegetarian, so....that's probably out. I really don't get vegetarians, btw, but that's a discussion for a later time). I got a cute-enough white puffer coat from American Eagle (guilty pleasure, although I am worried about this happening) for just $30, and I have some warm Pucci snow boots from a million years ago, so I feel set! I'm sure there will be pics to come.

* Spending our whole lives in Texas means that we never (ever) tire of seeing snow. I wonder how long I'd have to live in it myself for me not to get giddy every time anything white fell from the sky. I'd guess about 3 days. ;) Below is a picture I took when I had to travel to Chicago for work in December, which I think just goes to show how much that company sucked. Anyway, I was still a tourist, even in the snow. (It should be noted that this was pre-facebook days, before we knew for certain how horrible self shots are... and people walked in at the last minute, so it's not like I just stopped on a busy sidewalk for a self portrait. Okay, a lot of disclaimers are needed for this photo, but I share it nonetheless.)