Friday, January 18, 2013

Are we sure Lance Armstrong isn't behind this?

I feel like when Oprah woke up Thursday morning and heard about this, she immediately yelled "NOT ON LANCE ARMSTRONG WEEK" and slapped Stedman around for a bit.

I know quite a few ladies that have met Lance Armstrong (during the wild McConaughey days), so I've thought of him as douche for several years and never put anything past him (let's not forget this, which I consider worse than doping). I was surprised when they stripped him of his medals though. In a weird, probably telling-of-my-ethics way, I have to give it to him - he covered up his mess gooooood. And for a loooong time. That in itself is pretty impressive.

Side note: It reminds me of when I was attempting to befriend a Russian girl (we'll talk about my Russian fear later) who was about my same age. We were having dinner, and while I was really trying to figure out a polite way to ask if she was mail-order (I'm being completely serious), I made other small talk and asked her what the biggest difference between the US and Russia has been for her. She said that she was suprised by how long her shoes lasted here and liked that her soles didn't wear out so quickly. Secondly, the she "is surprised by how many Americans really believe you landed on the moon first." Heh. Heh heh. Cute. Here's the thing, I'm not saying our government *wouldn't* lie to us.... I'm just saying *if* they did, they did a good job and it's been over 40 years, so nee-ner, nee-ner.

And now we have Manti Te'o. Was it a publicity stunt he was aware of? Was it a hoax he wasn't aware of? Was it a ruse to cover up homosexuality? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! I think my biggest question, however, is: Really, Associated Press? You don't even caaaaall Stanford? Ask any local reporters about the funeral? Really? It all makes me think of this media flub, which I blamed on the instant reporting and social media at the time, but now it really makes me wonder...

Ugh, that last link got me all thinking about Sandy Hook again. Let's all look at this to make ourselves feel better.

Crud, now I feel bad for making fun of the poor guy on the small chance he wasn't in on it and/or homosexual. Here, let's laugh at me for my dog ignoring me and thinking I'm lame JUST BECAAAAUUUUSE I was really into my show about 16th century England. There's a plague going on, Dog!


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