Friday, January 27, 2012

When I win the lottery...

...this will be mine. I MUST win the lottery. Here's the thing, I've wanted this couch since I bought my place; in fact, I bought my place visualizing this couch in my living room. Unfortunately, all of my furniture COMBINED (including my current beeeeiiiige sectional) wasn't as much as this sofa. COMBINED, people. I couldn't justify it then, and I just recently started to justify it when....bam! my AC unit went out on the last 100+ day last September (there were at least 70 of them). Considering my AC unit is a year younger than me (and it made it through the hottest summer ever), I can't hate. But that'll be a solid $5K this year.

And let's not forget that I also have a penchant for eating delicious food, drinking, shopping, travelling....

I need to go find my big girl panties now....must have left them in my beeeeiiiige couch. *throws temper tantrum*


  1. Adult temper tantrums are perfectly acceptable.

  2. Stop it. I have wanted a blue couch for years! Here's lots of luck with that lottery ;)